Introducing Karate Sculpture. Artist Darrell Knigge of Utah welcomes you to his newest art endeavor— merging the Fine Arts with the Martial Arts! Darrell's extensive study and teaching of the various martial art forms and styles along with his fine artwork endeavors in drawing, painting, and sculpting, has led to Darrell's unique and natural association in sculpting martial art forms. Learn more about the arrival of Karate Sculpture below.

Symbol of Strength

Empty Hand Sculpture. Meaning simply- Karate Sculpture -whereby the word Karate is a derivative from Japanese culture. To Darrell, Karate Sculpture has a connotation meaning "Symbol of Strength" in which this inspirational thought engulfs his karate form sculpted pieces. The incorporation of bamboo within his sculpture also lends to strength in form. To learn more about karate, sculpture, and bamboo history, please visit the History Page.

About the Artist

Darrell Knigge, Sculptor & Martial Arts Artist. Darrell has been enjoying the Martial Arts for over 20 years and the Fine Arts field for over 15 years. The affiliation of these two endeavors merged over a decade ago when Darrell was attending St. Edwards University in Austin Texas and pursuing the disciplines of Kim Soo Karate.

While acquiring his Bachlor's of Arts degree in Applied Science for Mechanical Design with a focus in the Fine Arts, Darrell honed his Fine Art drawing, painting, and sculpting skills. Along with attending school, Darrell was actively continuing to master the Martial Arts in a newly found training center under the directive of Grand Master Kim Soo.

It was then and there that the merging of Karate and the Fine Arts became one. Darrell's intrigue and intense study of the Martial Arts forms were incorporated in his drawings, paintings, and sculpting endeavors. And, it was not until after re-locating out of Central Texas to Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado that Darrell decided to continue the artistry marriage into a realistic venture for commercial purposes, hence the arrival of Karate Sculpture! Darrell currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah where he continues his artistry.

Darrell's interest in self-defense techniques and along with teaching adults & children "The Way of the Empty Hand" has led him into a variety of learned disciplines including:

  • Chayon Ryu
  • Chun Fa
  • Hapkido
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Kendo
  • Tae Kwon Do

Darrell has also fine tuned his sculpture education by working at the Shidoni Foundry in Tesuque, New Mexico where he contributed to various processes for sculpture making. Currently, Darrell's art sculpture castings for represented pieces on this website are produced by the Art Castings Foundry in Loveland Colorado.

Please visit the Sculpture Page to view Darrell's unique karate sculpture!

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